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Change of Command

Change of command COL Renta.jpg

13th July marked WRAIR's recent Change of Command ceremony. Colonel Steven E. Braverman relinquished command to Colonel Dana K. Renta.

The ceremony began with the formation of troops. Col. Braverman's family received flowers in appreciation for their service to WRAIR as did Colonel Renta's family to welcome them to the institute. Following, there was a presentation of the colors, the honors to the Nation and the passing of the Colors to signify the Change of Command.

Command Sergeant Major Darryl Warren passed the organizational color to Col. Braverman, outgoing commander. Colonel Braverman then passed the color to Major General Brian C. Lein, the presiding officer and Commanding General of the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and Fort Detrick, representing the return of the responsibility with which he was entrusted upon assuming command. Major General Lein passed the color to Col. Renta, incoming commander, demonstrating his confidence in the new commander's ability to handle the responsibility of command. Col. Renta returned the organizational color to CSM Warren.

With the completion of the passing of the colors, MG Lein expressed his confidence in Col. Renta and spoke of the great accomplishments of the WRAIR during Col. Braverman's command. Following MG Lein's remarks, Col. Braverman spoke of the unforgettable experience of leading exceptional preclinical and clinical research on four continents. Col. Renta briefly spoke of past experience with leading a research laboratory in the USAMRMC and her eagerness to lead WRAIR into the future.

The ceremony was brought to a close with the Army Song and a reception to say hello to Col. Renta and Mr. Renta, and say goodbye to Col. Braverman and his family. We look forward to Colonel Renta's new leadership and a continued partnership with Colonel Braverman.

The music for the ceremony was provided by members of “The Band of the Nation's Captial, the 257th Army Band from the District of Columbia National Guard,” under the direction of SSG Eric Kuper and the National Anthem was sung by Dr. Schroeder Noble.

Honored guests in attendance included: MG Brian Lein, Commanding General of the USAMRMC, CSM Cy Akana, Command Sergeant Major of the USAMRMC, MG James Gilman (retired), Former Commanding General of the USAMRMC and now Executive Director of Military & Veterans Health Institute at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Frank Tortella, Senior Scientist of WRAIR, COL Alex Lopez-Duke, Chief of Staff of the USAMRMC, COL Robert O’Brien, Garrison Commander at Fort Detrick, and CSM Richard Jessup, Garrison Command Sergeant Major at Fort Detrick.

Last Modified Date: 09-September-2016

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