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WRAIR 2003 Journal Articles

1. Angov, E., Aufiero, B.M., Turgeon, A.M., Van Handenhove, M., Ockenhouse, C.F., Kester,
K.E., Walsh, D.S., McBride, J.S., Dubois, M.C., Cohen, J., Haynes, J.D., Eckels, K.H.,
Heppner, D.G., Ballou, W.R., Diggs, C.L., Lyon, J.A. Development and pre-clinical
analysis of a Plasmodium falciparum Merozoite Surface Protein-1(42) malaria vaccine.
Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology. 2003; 128(2):195-204.

2. Arakawa, T., Tsuboi, T., Kishimoto, A., Sattabongkot, J., Suwanabun, N., Rungruang, T.,
Matsumoto, Y., Tsuji, N., Hisaeda, H., Stowers, A., Shimabukuro, I., Sato, Y., Torii, M.
Serum antibodies induced by intranasal immunization of mice with Plasmodium vivax
Pvs25 co-administered with cholera toxin completely block parasite transmission to
mosquitoes. Vaccine. 2003; 21(23):3143-8.

3. Aronoff, D.M., Watt, G. Prevalence of relative bradycardia in Orientia tsutsugamushi infection.
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. 2003; 68(4):477-9.

4. Aroonrerk, N., Pichyangkul, S., Yongvanitchit, K., Wisetchang, M., Sa-Ard-Iam, N., Sirisinha,
S., Mahanonda, R. Generation of gingival T cell lines/clones specific with Porphyromonas
gingivalis pulsed dendritic cells from periodontitis patients. Journal of Periodontal
Research. 2003; 38(3):262-8.

5. Ashani, Y., Bhattacharjee, A.K., Leader, H., Saxena, A., Doctor, B.P. Inhibition of
cholinesterases with cationic phosphonyl oximes highlights distinctive properties of the
charged pyridine groups of quaternary oxime reactivators. Biochemical Pharmacology.
2003; 66(2):191-202.

6. Ayisi, J.G., Branch, O.H., Rafi-Janajreh, A., van Eijk, A.M., ter Kuile, F.O., Rosen, D.H., Kager,
P.A., Lanar, D.E., Barbosa, A., Kaslow, D., Nahlen, B.L., Lal, A.A. Does infection with
Human Immunodeficiency Virus affect the antibody responses to Plasmodium faiciparum
antigenic determinants in asymptomatic pregnant women? Journal of Infection. 2003;

7. Bakaltcheva, I., Reid, T. Effects of blood product storage protectants on blood coagulation.
Transfusion Medicine Reviews. 2003; 17(4):263-71.

8. Baranyi, L., Szebeni, J., Savay, S., Bodo, M., Basta, M., Bentley, T.B., Bunger, R., Alving,
C.R. Complement-dependent shock and tissue damage induced by intravenous injection
of cholesterol-enriched liposomes in rats. Journal of Applied Research. 2003; 3(3):221-

9. Basta, M., Van Goor, F., Luccioli, S., Billings, E.M., Vortmeyer, A.O., Baranyi, L., Szebeni, J.,
Alving, C.R., Carroll, M.C., Berkower, I., Stojilkovic, S.S., Metcalfe, D.D. F(ab)'(2)-
mediated neutralization of C3a and C5a anaphylatoxins: a novel effector function of
immunoglobulins. Nature Medicine. 2003; 9(4):431-8.

10. Belenky, G., Wesensten, N.J., Thorne, D.R., Thomas, M.L., Sing, H.C., Redmond, D.P.,
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11. Berenzon, D., Schwenk, R.J., Letellier, L., Guebre-Xabier, M., Williams, J., Krzych, U.
Protracted protection to Plasmodium berghei malaria is linked to functionally and
phenotypically heterogeneous liver memory CD8+ T cells. Journal of Immunology. 2003;

12. Bergmann-Leitner, E. Anti-cancer drugs - Preface. Current Pharmaceutical Design. 2003;

13. Bergmann-Leitner, E.S., Duncan, E.H., Leitner, W.W. Identification and targeting of tumor
escape mechanisms: a new hope for cancer therapy? Current Pharmaceutical Design.
2003; 9(25):2009-23.

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15. Berti, R., Williams, A.J., Velarde, L.C., Moffett, J.R., Elliott, P.J., Adams, J., Yao, C., Dave,
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inflammatory molecules following middle cerebral artery occlusion and reperfusion in the
rat. Neurotoxicity Research. 2003; 5(7):505-14.

16. Bodo, M., Pearce, F.J., Montgomery, L.D., Rosenthal, M., Kubinyi, G., Thuroczy, G.,
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factors in a recently infected US military cohort. AIDS. 2003; 17(17):2521-7.

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27. Cermelli, C., Berti, R., Soldan, S.S., Mayne, M., D'Ambrosia J, M., Ludwin, S.K., Jacobson,
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28. Chanan-Khan, A., Szebeni, J., Savay, S., Liebes, L., Rafique, N.M., Alving, C.R., Muggia,
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29. Chen, N., Kyle, D.E., Pasay, C., Fowler, E.V., Baker, J., Peters, J.M., Cheng, Q. pfcrt Allelic
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32. Chowdhury, I.H., Wang, X.F., Landau, N.R., Robb, M.L., Polonis, V.R., Birx, D.L., Kim, J.H.
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ADA 413110

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