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United States Patent no. 6,046,200, granted April 4, 2000: Compositions having neuroprotective and analgesic activity.


Tortella; Frank C. (Div. of Neurosciences)

DeCoster; Mark A. (Louisiana State Univ. Medical Center, Neuroscience Center)

Rice; Kenner C. (Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry, Intramural Research Program, NIDDK)

Calderon; Sylvia N. (Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry, Intramural Research Program, NIDDK)

United States Patent no. 6,071,949, granted June 6, 2000: Use of lipoxygenase inhibitors as anti-cancer therapeutic and intervention agents.


Mulshine; James L. (National Cancer Institute, NIH)

Jett; Marti (Div. of Pathology)

United States Patent no. 6,090,614, granted July 18, 2000: Method for production of Plasmodium causing relapsing malaria.


Golenda; Claudia (Div. of Communicable Diseases & Immunology)

United States Patent no. 6,093,406, granted July 25, 2000: Vaccine for induction of immunity to malaria.


Alving; Carl R. (Div. of Biochemistry);

Owens; Roberta R. (Div. of Biochemistry)

United States Patent no. 6,110,671, granted August 29, 2000: Method of measuring tumor suppressor gene p53.


Kim; Jerome H. (Div. of Retrovirology)

United States Patent no. 6,117,640, granted September 12, 2000: Recombinant vaccine made in E. coli against dengue virus.


Srivastava; Ashok Kumar (Div. of Communicable Diseases & Immunology)

Putnak; J. Robert (Div. of Communicable Diseases & Immunology)

Hoke; Charles H. (Div. of Communicable Diseases & Immunology);

Warren; Richard L. (Div. of Communicable Diseases & Immunology)

United States Patent no. 6,124,108, granted September 26, 2000: Protein biomarker for mustard chemical injury.


Ray; Prabhati (Div. of Experimental Therapeutics)

United States Patent no. 6,150,085, granted November 21, 2000: Prolonged storage of red blood cells and composition.


Hess; John R. (Blood Research Detachment);

Greenwalt; Tibor J. (Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati Medical Center)

United States Patent no. 6,159,958, granted December 12, 2000: Treatment or prophylaxis of retinal pathology and spinal cord injury.


Meyerhoff; James M. (Div. of Neurosciences);

Hacker; Henry D. (Darnall Army Community Hospital, Temple, TX)

Long; Joseph B. (Div. of Neurosciences)

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