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United States Patent no. 6,185,861, granted February 13, 2001: Lethal mosquito breeding container.

Perich; Michael J. (Frederick, MD)
Zeichner; Brian C. (Forest Hill, MD)

United States Patent no. 6,190,859, granted February 20, 2001: Method and kit for detection of dengue virus.

Putnak; J. Robert (Silver Spring, MD)
Eckels; Kenneth (Rockville, MD)
Dubois; Doria R. (Wheaton, MD)
Cassidy; Kevin (Toronto, CA)

United States Patent no. 6,214,548, granted April 10, 2001: Diagnostic methods for Cyclospora.

Relman; David A. (Palo Alto, CA);
Echeverria; Peter (APO AP 96546)

United States Patent no. 6,217,911, granted April 17, 2001: Sustained release non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory and lidocaine PLGA microspheres.

Vaugn; William M. (Silver Spring, MD)
Van Hamont; John E. (Ft. Meade, MD)
Setterstrom; Jean A. (Alpharetta, GA)

United States Patent no. 6,241,686, granted June 5, 2001: System and method for predicting human cognitive performance using data from an actigraph.

Balkin; Thomas J. (Ellicott City, MD)
Belenky; Gregory L. (Kensington, MD)
Hall; Stanley W. (Silver Spring, MD)
Kamimori; Gary H. (Laurel, MD)
Redmond; Daniel P. (Silver Spring, MD)
Sing; Helen C. (Takoma Park, MD)
Thomas; Maria L. (Columbia, MD)
Thorne; David R. (Washington, DC)
Wesensten; Nancy Jo (Silver Spring, MD)

United States Patent no. 6,245,892, granted June 12, 2001: Invaplex from gram negative bacteria, method of purification and methods of use.

Oaks; Edwin V. (Gambrills, MD)
Turbyfill; Kevin Ross (Waldorf, MD)

United States Patent no. 6,248,574, granted June 19, 2001: Polypeptides selectively reactive with antibodies against human immunodeficiency virus and vaccines comprising the polypeptides.

Shaffermann; Avigdor (69 Ben Gurion Street, Ness-Ziona 70450, IL)

United States Patent no. 6,253,098, granted June 26, 2001: Disposable pulse oximeter assembly and protective cover therefor.

Walker; Steven C. (Olmos Park, TX)
Shepherd; John M. (Fort San Antonio, TX)

United States Patent no. 6,254,873, granted July 3, 2001: Inactivated dengue virus vaccine.

Putnak; J. Robert (Silver Spring, MD)
Eckels; Kenneth (Rockville, MD)
Dubois; Doris R. (Wheaton, MD)

United States Patent no. 6,268,383, granted July 31, 2001: Substituted aromatic compounds for treatment of antibiotic-resistant infections.

Ellis; William Y. (Laurel, MD)

United States Patent no. 6,274,598, granted August 14, 2001: Methods for treating antibiotic-resistant infections.

Ellis; William Y. (Laurel, MD)
Kunin; Calvin M. (Columbus, OH)

United States Patent no. 6,277,379, granted August 21, 2001: Use of purified invaplex from gram negative bacteria as a vaccine.

Oaks; Edwin V. (Gambrills, MD)
Turbyfill; Kevin Ross (Waldorf, MD)
Hartman; Antoinette Berrong (Silver Spring, MD)

United States Patent no. 6,284,739, granted September 4, 2001: Antileishmanial composition for topical application.

Grogl; Max (3404 TanTerra Cir., Brookeville, MD 20853)
Fleckenstein; Lawrence (1809 Flanigan Ct., Iowa City, IA 52246)
McGreevy; Patrick (11526 Colt Terr., Silver Spring, MD 20902)
Schuster; Brian (1620 Crowell Rd., Vienna, VA 22182)

United States Patent no. 6,284,772, granted September 4, 2001: Indolo[2,1-B] quinazole-6,12-dione antimalarial compounds and methods of treating malaria therewith.

Pitzer; Kevin K. (Pasadena, MD)
Scovill; John P. (Walkersville, MD)
Kyle; Dennis E. (Gaithersburg, MD)
Gerena; Lucia (Silver Spring, MD)  

United States Patent no. 6,309,650, granted October 30, 2001: Attenuated Japanese encephalitis virus adapted to Vero cell and a Japanese encephalitis vaccine.

Kim; Hyun Su (Seoul, KR)
Yoo; Wang Don (Seoul, KR)
Kim; Soo Ok (Seoul, KR)
Lee; Sung Hee (Kyungkwido, KR)
Moon; Sang Bum (Kyungkwido, KR)
Hong; Sun Pyo (Kyungkwido, KR)
Shin; Yong Cheol (Seoul, KR)
Chung; Yong Ju (Seoul, KR)
Eckels; Kenneth H. (Washington, DC)
Innis; Bruce (Washington, DC)
Puniak; Joseph R. (Washington, DC)
Binn; Leonard N. (Washington, DC)
Srivastava; Ashok K. (Washington, DC)
Dubois; Doria R. (Washington, DC)

United States Patent no. 6,309,669, granted October 30, 2001: Therapeutic treatment and prevention of infections with a bioactive materials encapsulated within a biodegradable-biocompatible polymeric matrix.

Setterstrom; Jean A. (Alpharetta, GA)
Van Hamont; John E. (Fort Meade, MD)
Reid; Robert H. (McComas, CT)
Jacob; Elliot (Silver Spring, MD)
Jeyanthi; Ramasubbu (Columbia, MD)
Boedeker; Edgar C. (Chevy Chase, MD)
McQueen; Charles E. (Olney, MD)
Jarboe; Daniel L. (Silver Spring, MD)
Cassels; Frederick (Ellicott City, MD)
Brown; William (Denver, CO)
Thies; Curt (Ballwin, MO)
Tice; Thomas R. (Birmington, AL)
Roberts; F. Donald (Dover, MA)
Friden; Phil (Beford, MA)

United States Patent no. 6,310,046, granted October 30, 2001: Sequestrin of Plasmodium falciparum.

Duffy; Patrick E. (Nairobi, KE) |
Ockenhouse; Christian F. (Burtonsville, MD)

United States Patent no. 6,316,197, granted November 13, 2001: Method of diagnosing of exposure to toxic agents by measuring distinct pattern in the levels of expression of specific genes.

Das; Rina (Rockville, MD)
Jett; Marti (Washington, DC)
Mendis; Chanaka (Falls Church, VA)

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