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Course Description
WRAIR-GEIS OCID Course Objective:

Lecture topics include: preparing the traveler, managing the returning traveler, HIV in the military, entomology, dengue, malaria, animal bites, arboviruses, basics of microscopy, malaria microscopy, rapid testing for HIV and malaria, tropical dermatology, leishmaniasis, viral hemorrhagic fevers, rickettsia, and respiratory infections.

The curriculum for the mobile course is designed to be responsive to the needs and requirements of the host unit. For example, SF groups which preferentially work in a specific COCOM will request lectures on the disease threats specific to that COCOM (i.e. Africa – malaria, PACOM – dengue).

The WRAIR-GEIS long and mobile tropical medicine courses complement other courses currently being offered by the Uniformed Services University (USU). Two courses are currently being executed at USU to include a multi-month course with an overseas experience meeting requirement for certification by the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. A second course is a single month course. Each of these courses caters to physicians and advanced medical providers willing to invest an extensive period of time for training.

The USU and WRAIR-GEIS courses target different audiences and possess different objectives; they are complementary, not redundant in nature. Although curriculum is not at this time formally synchronized and standardized, many of the same lecturers and faculty teach at all courses promoting a certain level of standardization in course curricula content.

The WRAIR-GEIS long course requires a single week investment and offers approximately 34 continuing medical education (CME) credits. Physicians and senior medics attend the course as well as public and global health professionals.

The mobile course is a three day course (18 hours) offering 16 CME credits. Attendees at this course are typically operational medical providers (special operations) on frequent deployment rotations who can spend neither the time nor the financial expense to attend the long course or the USU courses.

  • Currently not deployed.
  • Deploying to an area with tropical infectious disease.
  • Currently a Physician, Physicians Assistants, Nurse Practitioner, ESO, 18D Medic, 91S Prev Med Tech, or other medical personnel (subject to approval).
Course Completion Requirements:

Students must attend all lecture and laboratory sessions and pass a cumulative test to receive credit.(Long Course - 5 Days Only)

Class Location: (Long Course - 5 Days)

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research,
503 Robert Grant Avenue,
Silver Spring, MD 20910-7500.

Course Hours:

0800-1700 every day, with 1 hour for lunch.

Last Modified Date: 09-September-2016

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