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HOME>>Links>>Steps to register with vFRG Tuesday, October 23 2018

Steps to register with WRAIR Virtual Family Readiness Group (vFRG)

Steps to register with WRAIR Virtual Family Readiness Group (vFRG)




1.      Go to URL:

2.      Click on: "Not a member?"

Ø  Register here



1 2



3.       A map of CONUS and OCONUS FRG locations will pop up.

Ø  Click ok the state of Maryland (MD).




3 4



4.      Select the WRAIR FRG

Ø  Click on the link: WRAIR (Maryland, UIC: W03KAA)




5.      Add a Service Member

Ø  On the drop down menu that states, "I am subscribing as:", click on Soldier.


7 8


6.      Fill in the required information

Ø  Last four digits of your SSN

Ø  Your first name

Ø  Your last name

Ø  Your Email

Ø  Your Phone


7.      Click on Continue.



8.      Complete  the Registration Preliminaries

Ø  Enter your username (You decide: however, you must follow the Username Restrictions)

Ø  Enter your password (You decide; however, you must follow the Password Restrictions)

Ø  Confirm password

Ø  Enter Email address (Use your AKO email)

Ø  Confirm Email address

Ø  Enter Primary Phone Number


9.      Click on Complete Registration




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