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Center for Military Psychiatry and Neuroscience Research

For over sixty years, neuropsychiatry investigators at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research have sought to understand, prevent, and treat the myriad and generally poorly understood threats to Soldier health and performance that act primarily "in the head." During this time, the program has yielded numerous scientific innovations. Early research in the 1950s on the electrophysiology of neurons in the visual system provided the groundwork for Dr. David Hubel's 1981 Nobel Prize in Medicine. This standard of excellence has been maintained with research innovations leading to over 30 patents for novel scientific contributions, and numerous publications in high-impact journals such as Science, Nature, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Journal of the American Medical Association.

  • Conduct basic and applied research that promotes psychological resilience, neurological functioning, and operational readiness in Service Members.
  • Develop evidence-based strategies to diagnose, prevent, and mitigate the effects of psychological demands, continuous operations, and brain trauma on the health and well-being of Service Members, we aim to reduce the threats involved with combat stress.
The Center for Military Psychiatry and Neuroscience Research seeks to be the Department of Defense's premier organization for psychiatry and neuroscience research by:
  • Focusing on issues critical to Service Member psychological and neurological health;
  • Attracting, developing, and sustaining world-class researchers and collaborators across disciplines;
  • Fostering a climate of innovation and scientific creativity while facilitating cooperation, communication, and integration of scientific knowledge among scientists; and
  • Transitioning products from the bench to the battlefield in order to promote Service Member health and well-being.

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