Clinical Trials Center

CTC volunteer receiving injection from uniformed doctor

The Clinical Trials Center (CTC) was established in early 1992 to support Army and Navy investigators in their mission to develop new vaccines, drugs, and diagnostic systems to meet high-priority Department of Defense and national security needs. As part of WRAIR, the CTC is fully integrated within a network designed to bring products to market with an average of 5-10 new studies each year.

Since its inception, the CTC has conducted over 150 clinical trials of drugs and vaccines for a variety of infectious diseases, including Ebola, Japanese encephalitis, Zika, HIV and many others. 

Learn more here about holding a clinical trial at WRAIR or WRAIR's network of affiliated laboratories around the world or contact us.

Recruiting Studies

The FMP013/ALFQ and FMP014/ALFQ vaccines have been designed to prevent malaria caused by Plasmodium falciparum. This is the first time these vaccines will be tested in humans. Ultimately, this trial will help determine if these experimental malaria vaccines are safe and tolerable.
Do you have a known G6PD (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase) deficiency? Are you interested in donating blood for research? Call 301-319-9331 to schedule a screening appointment! The goal of our research is to develop safer drugs for those who have G6PD deficiency.