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Clinical Trials Center

The Clinical Trials Center conducts early phase clinical trials for candidate drugs and vaccines intended to prevent and treat a variety of infectious diseases. The CTC’s integrated and collaborative platforms enable successful and timely execution of first-in-human product development.

Sleep Research Center

The WRAIR Sleep Research Center (SRC), part of the Behavioral Biology branch, is the Department of Defense's premier sleep research facility. WRAIR has conducted sleep studies since the 1950s to characterize the acute performance and physiological impacts of sleep loss. The SRC develops strategies (sleep banking) and technologies (sleep trackers) for monitoring, preventing, and reversing the harmful effects of sleep loss, stress, and fatigue to enhance Soldier operational judgment and decision-making.

Community Engagement

WRAIR’s community engagement program aims to connect with communities in the Washington, D.C., area most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Building mutual trust and understanding with these communities will promote the scientific and social value of WRAIR’s COVID-19 research.