Near-Peer Mentor (NPM): NPMs are undergraduate or recent post-baccalaureate students who intern as teachers and mentors to the GEMS students. Near-peer mentorship develops participants as researchers and educators, improving academic knowledge, written and oral communication skills, and other professional and collaborative skills. Visit the GEMS website for more information about near-peer mentorship. Applications for Summer 2020 are now closed.

College Qualified Leaders (CQL) Program: CQL provides undergraduate students seeking summer internships opportunities to participate in research at WRAIR while being mentored by experienced Army researchers. A wide range of opportunities are available, especially in the areas of infectious disease and brain health research. The 8-12 week internship concludes with submitting an abstract and a public poster presentation. Visit the CQL website for more information. Applications for Summer 2020 close on February 28, 2020, and are available here; apply for full-year CQL here.

Near peer mentors