WRAIR hosts the fourth annual Magill Malaria Forum

Col. Teyhen providing opening remarks at the Fourth Annual Magill Malaria Forum (photo credit: Natasha Hendrix)
On April 26, the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research hosted the fourth annual Magill Malaria Forum, entitled “Overcoming Challenges at the Front Lines of Malaria.”  The event included remarks by clinicians, researchers and product users followed by a panel discussion to review the current state of malaria research with a special focus on military medical research around the world.

New antimalarial drug, tafenoquine, approved for malaria prevention

mosquito that has recently blood fed
WRAIR celebrates the FDA-licensure of tafenoquine for malaria chemoprophylaxis. Tafenoquine is the latest in a series of products from an extensive antimalarial drug discovery and development pipeline. WRAIR conducted initial drug development and early preclinical and clinical trials at its Silver Spring headquarters, USAMRD-Africa, and AFRIMS before passing responsibility to the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity and 60° Pharmaceuticals. Tafenoquine is safe, effective against malaria relapse, and enjoys the advantage of less frequent dosing, weekly instead of daily, for malaria prevention.